Greta – Aged 23 Years – Italy

Greta is currently looking after 2 children aged 1 and 3 years in New York.  She would love to find a new host family in order to experience another part of the USA.  Her family have greatly enjoyed hosting her in their home.
Current Host Family’s Comments:
Greta is a loving person who’s a part of our family, and we’re sad to see her go. Above all, she’s loving with the kids. She’s also very flexible with respect to what we ask from her: she cooks, cleans, etc… and does all of these things well. I don’t think any of that would be achievable if she weren’t truly the fifth member of our family.  The children love playing with her, and in general just like her comportment. She almost always has a smile on her face. Since we have young kids, her generally positive attitude matters more than anything else.  She is a good driver.
  • Infant and adult CPR trained
  • Infant qualified
  • Speaks good English
  • Experienced driver
  • Enjoys artistic gymnastics, swimming and karate
  • Loves snow boarding and skiing
  • Creative – enjoys drawing and painting
  • Loves cooking

This is a full-time, live-in position:

•45 hours per week, just over $8.50 per hour (per family, not per child)

•Au pairs can also do light housekeeping, laundry, and cooking related to the children.

To learn more about the program visit my website which has a lot more information.

Friday, 27 July 2018 9:12 PM


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