Emma – Sweden – 19 Years – Currently Living in Manhattan Beach – Available 6/19/2018

I LOVE having Emma in my group.  Her current host family feel the same.

She would love to find another loving host family for her second year.

Current Host Family’s Comments:

Emma has been a great addition to our family! The kids love her – she can just as easily talk about pop stars and movies with our 12 year old daughter as she can play lego, talk about Pokeman, and do crafts with our 8 year old son. She comes up with creative ways for them to spend their time – doing “bake off” contests with the neighbor kids, listening to audio books, and making movies. She is very responsible – she has never been late to pick up the kids and they know they can rely on her. Any family would be lucky to have her.

  • I​nfant and Adult CPR and First Aid trained
  • Speaks Advanced English
  • Experienced driver
  • Musical – plays flute, violin, used to sing in a choir
  • Active – loves playing soccer, volleyball skiing, swimming and walking

This is a full-time, live-in position:

•45 hours per week, just over $8.50 per hour (per family, not per child)

•Au pairs can also do light housekeeping, laundry, and cooking related to the children.

To learn more about the program visit my website which has a lot more information. http://lowen.aupairnews.com/

Friday, 27 April 2018 5:16 PM


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